October 28, 2002

CRANKY PROFESSOR MICHAEL TINKLER is disgusted with this Washington Post article on angry young white males, which he suspects was assigned back when the editors of the Post thought that was the profile of the D.C. sniper. Excerpt:

And where does Ms. Stepp find the nerve to quote some professor of workforce education at Penn State “No one’s interested in the Bubbas”? Public voices, people, public voices. If you’ve got a P.C. monitor about referring to the Tyrones and Julios, apply it to the Bubbas, too.

Gosh, newspaper P.C. language is selective and sloppy. No wonder icy loners shoot suburban persons of color. Oh, wait! That’s not what happened!

Scroll down for Tinkler’s take on the Bellesiles report, too:

Folks, this is as damning as one group of humanists can be. . . .

Anyone (like several of my friends) who thinks that ‘gun nuts’ brought Michael Bellesiles down should have to read this. Michael Bellesiles brought himself down. He did sloppy work (at the most charitable) and has been caught.

These professor-bloggers sure are smart. . . .

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