December 27, 2019

BAD REVIEWS FOR BRET STEPHENS’ ANTI-TRUMP STRATEGY: “Isn’t this how they tried to defeat Trump the last time around? Diminish him. Insist that everything about him is small — hands, penis, brain, worldview. Donald Trump can’t possibly be President! Isn’t that less likely to work when Trump actually is President?”

Yeah, he’s actually a pretty successful one. And weird how the NY Times “conservative” columnist is still plotting to get rid of Trump. Come to think of it, the NYT doesn’t have any pro-Trump conservatives. I mean, even the WaPo does better.

Plus: “Talking about a human being as filth or disease… I thought we weren’t doing that anymore. I thought you could get canceled for that. But Donald Trump can take it. He can take everything dished out against him. That’s why these ideas about how to beat him feel like absolutely nothing.”

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