October 24, 2002

ERNEST SVENSON is deeply unhappy with the media coverage of the sniper. Deeply unhappy — but not, sadly, disappointed.

UPDATE: Reader Andy Dombrowski has a different beef with what he’s seeing:

The battle is on…the media want to portray the arrested sniper, John Allen Muhammed, as an ex-military man, a gulf war veteran, an “expert” rifleman as qualified by the Army, whose grip on sanity was lost the longer he was in the miltary, as a man that couldn’t cope with assimiliation into civilian life. Another incarnation of Timothy McVeigh.

The true story, which won’t be portrayed by CNN or NBC, is that he likely is a deranged militant muslim fundamentalist who wanted to inflict terror on an lnnocent and unsuspecting population just like his adopted Al-Qaeda brothers in spirit.

This seems overstated, but there’s some truth to it. The bad thing is that the Hadayet case, where this clearly happened, has cost the media (and the government) so much credibility on this subject that they’ll be charged with minimizing connections to Islamic terror even if they’re balanced.

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