October 23, 2002

HMM. THIS IS SOUNDING LIKE A TERRORISM INVESTIGATION. And on FoxNews TV they’re saying that there will be more searches in multiple locations around the country, while members of “immigrant” communities are promised amnesty if they come forward with information. I guess this could still be an investigation into the work of a lone nut, but. . . .

Meanwhile Will Vehrs worries about the response in the D.C. area so far, saying: “I fear that the way we have reacted to this threat–a very limited threat, in many statistical ways–will come back to haunt us as cretins and creeps of all kinds see the power of random violence and chilling threats.” Yep.

What would I do? Will has some good suggestions. And I’d recruit a couple of dozen expert bowhunters (so law enforcement and others who glimpsed them wouldn’t mistake them for the sniper) and put them in tree stands in some likely locations. I’ll bet they could get volunteers without any trouble.

UPDATE: John Bono writes that the FBI is searching locations in Washington state and Alabama where Al Qaeda training camps were already known to have existed. And here’s more from Robin Goodfellow, who lives near the scene of the action in Washington State.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Just heard on TV that they’re looking for two guys named Lee Malvo and John Mohammad. Hmm. CNN is calling the training camp in Alabama a militia camp, but John Mohammad doesn’t sound very militia-like, and here’s a story about the camp from July that says it was used by Al Qaeda sympathizers.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Justin Katz admits it’s a stretch, but notices a coincidence.

ONE MORE: Supposedly there’s a photo of John Mohammad, who now has a warrant out for his arrest, here but at the moment the site’s slashdotted. I’m putting up the link anyway in the expectation that it’ll become available shortly.

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