December 16, 2019

SPENGLER: I Accuse the Leadership of the Democratic Party of Responsibility for Violence Against Jews. “Violence against Jews now accounts for 58% of all crimes of religious hatred reported to the FBI. It isn’t just the Jersey City massacre: Violence against Jews by blacks is now endemic in Hasidic neighborhoods in Brooklyn. This is the direct result of anti-Semitic agitation by hatemongers like Louis Farrakhan. The Democratic Party tolerates congressmen in its ranks with public ties to Farrakhan. When Farrakhan calls for the murder of Jews, and black political leaders propitiate this foul demagogue, deranged fringe elements will turn violent. . . . I accuse the leadership of the Democratic Party of responsibility for the murders of my brethren in Jersey City. It is a howling disgrace that Rep. Keith Ellison is Deputy Chairman of the Democratic National Committee. Where are the demands that elected officials and party leaders repudiate Farrakhan?”

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