December 7, 2019

A MAJOR FACEBOOK FACT-CHECKING FAIL: So this meme showed up in my memories marked as “False Information.”

I’m not exactly sure how this can be characterized as “false.” Do Americans really prefer to eat their dogs? Is the connection between socialism and dog-eating absurd? (No — see Venezuela.). Who’s the fact-checker responsible? This is all I found:

This is apparently a Colombian fact-checking service, in Bogota, which seems to be sympathetic to Evo Morales. The actual objection is that the Trump quote isn’t a genuine Trump quote. Well, it’s a meme. But it’s blacked out on my page as false because Facebook thinks it’s “Fake News,” based on a fact check from a Colombian “news” organization that I’ve never heard of, that seems not to understand how memes and humor work.

Sad, Facebook. Just sad.

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