October 12, 2002

NAT HENTOFF wonders why Robert Mugabe’s depredations aren’t generating more outrage:

While a critical mass of anger and indignation in this country helped end South African apartheid, there is scarcely any awareness here of the facts on the bloody ground. . . .

Why, in this country, are there only whispers, if that, from most civil rights activists and organizations, the clergy of all colors that finally awoke to the slavery and mass rapes in Sudan, editorial writers, women’s rights groups, and such trombones of the people as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton? . . .

By the way, Zimbabwe is a proud member of the United Nations Human Rights Commission—along with Syria, Saudi Arabia, Cuba, and Sudan.

Like the Nobel Peace Prize, the Human Rights Commission is losing its lustre.

(Via Orrin Judd, who has a lot of other observations on the subject.)

UPDATE: Here, forwarded by a British reader, is a report on an attempted “citizens’ arrest” of Mugabe by gay human rights activists in Britain. I had never heard of this, but it shows that someone was on the job.

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