HE’S A REAL PRIZE: DNA Test Confirms: Hunter Biden Cheated on His Dead Brother’s Widow. “The child’s mother, Lunden Alexis Roberts, cited the DNA test in a motion filed Wednesday. Roberts is demanding child support from Hunter Biden, who notoriously took high-paying jobs in Ukraine and China while his father was the Obama administration’s point person in both countries. . . . The former VP’s son had previously denied all allegations that he was the father of Roberts’ child. In May 2019, Roberts had filed a petition for paternity, child support, and a request for Biden to foot the bill for the child’s health care, the Daily Beast reported. She said she and Biden had conceived the child, who was born in August 2018. This is far from the first scandal involving the VP’s youngest son. In 2017, Hunter Biden finalized his divorce from his wife of more than 20 years, Kathleen Biden, after she accused him of spending money on drugs and strip clubs. Later that year, he started dating Hallie Biden, widow to his late elder brother Beau Biden and mother to his niece and nephew. He broke up with Hallie Biden in April 2019. This means the child now linked to Hunter by DNA was conceived during his relationship with his late brother’s widow.”