October 10, 2002

HENRY COPELAND REPORTS that the New York Times is now more of a web publication than a DeadTree publication: “The jump in daily users puts the site’s daily readership solidly beyond the newspaper’s 1.2 million weekday circulation. An average of 1.3 million unique daily users is projected for October.”

Why if the New York Times can just make as much per Web reader as I do, they’ll be as profitable as InstaPundit! . . . Uh oh.

Actually, it’s not that bad:

Cannibalization is not an issue, says Calder. On the contrary, the site is “critical to newspaper’s growth in national markets and younger user groups,” he said.

“As a whole, the newspaper industry is challenged by fact that readers are getting older and aren’t reaching a whole generation brought up on AOL and CNN. We’ve been extremely successful in offsetting this,” Calder said.

That makes sense to me.

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