SO WE’RE IN DFW, where our CRJ75 is grounded after the pin securing the door cable failed when they tried to close the door, forcing them to deplane us while they try to figure out what to do. This is the second time I’ve experienced this exact failure, suggesting that it’s a not-uncommon issue, though the airline folks seem flummoxed. Canadair, you may want to look into this. Meanwhile, waiting to see if they’ll fix it, or get us another plane. It was Delta last time, this time it’s American.

UPDATE: What were we doing? It was the PJ Media reunion in California.

With Stephen & Melissa Green.

Sell the website, but keep the Orb Of Power! With Gerard van Der Leun.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Well, give American Airlines credit — they had us on a new plane in 30 minutes and got us home only a half-hour late.

And here’s Insta-co-blogger Austin Bay with Richard Fernandez. They had extensive and lengthy discussions about the strategery of what’s going on both domestically and internationally.

And since people are talking fitness in the comments, I’ll note that Col. Bay can still do handstands.