October 7, 2002

SAN FRANCISCO D.A. TERRENCE HALLINAN has an apparent non-enforcement policy for hate crimes — where they’re against Jews, and by well-connected lawyers, at least. Given San Francisco’s usual policy against hate crimes, and the lax responses to antisemitic violence at SFSU and Berkeley, this troubles me. It’s starting to look like a pattern.

UPDATE: This doesn’t make them look much better. Neither does this. Solidarity with America’s enemies, in the cause of peace. Typical.

Read this, too.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Greg Beato has sent me a querulous email (he does that regularly) on this entry. He thinks that I shouldn’t assume, based on a single uncontradicted statement by a San Francisco law school dean in a San Francisco paper, that San Francisco really has a tough policy regarding hate crimes. I think that Beato, as usual, is trying to make a mountain out of a nonexistent molehill. Maybe I’m wrong, but I feel pretty sure that if a guy with right-wing political connections shouted abuse at a Muslim and then hit him, this case would be treated differently. I note that Joanne Jacobs, who lives in that area, sees the case similarly.

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