October 2, 2002

THE NEW STATESMAN has an article on weblogs and politics that’s sort of interesting. But it also reveals that they don’t quite get the game:

The journalist Stephen Pollard, the only British political blogger on the left, notes: “There are plenty of new British political blogs. And they are all – all – on the right.” But political blogging is in its infancy here. It remains up for grabs. Got a computer? Got a view? Get blogging. There is a war to be won.

This is wrong on several levels , but most interestingly, the piece seems to view the whole political battle — including the blogging part — as essentially religious warfare. But blogging’s political bias is not so much left/right as anti-idiot. Indeed, the original post that led to the term “anti-idiotarian” named Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson as examples of the idiotarian crew. Of course, like many British leftists, they have a certain pre-rational, religious attitude toward politics. But that’s the point.

UPDATE: Clayton Cramer has blogged a response.

ANOTHER UPDATE: So has Brian Micklethwait of Samizdata.

ONE MORE: Nick Denton observes: “How appropriate. The right blogs out of amusement and rage; the earnest left urges its members to blog more to demonstrate political commitment.”

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