October 2, 2002

MY ALMA MATER, YALE LAW SCHOOL, is now going to allow military recruiters on campus, in accordance with the law — though it is challenging the law in court.

I disagree very strongly with the don’t-ask-don’t-tell policy (which from the coverage one might almost forget originated with the Clinton Administration) but I think that barring military recruiters on campus is a stupid and unpatriotic response, one that allows law faculties and students who are uninterested in military careers to feel good about themselves at the expense of students who are interested in military careers, and of the nation as a whole.

Here’s an on-the-scene report from Lily Malcolm at Kitchen Cabinet, and here’s a report from the Yale Daily News, which among other things makes clear that Lindsay Barenz, who is identified in the Newsday story linked above only as “a second-year student at Yale Law School,” is in fact “the chairwoman of OutLaws, the Association of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgendered Law Students.” Nothing wrong with that, or with quoting her, but the way she’s presented in the Newsday story does tend to give the impression that she’s just another Yale Law student, rather than a significant figure on one side of the debate.

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