October 1, 2002

THIS LETTER IN TODAY’S NEW YORK TIMES is almost a parody of soccer-mom-themed opposition to the war:

The American people do not want war. They want a loving home, healthy children and good jobs with a minimum wage you can live on. They want good, safe public or private schools. They want a happy vacation time with family and friends.

They do not want war. They do not want fear.

Yeah, not like December 8, 1941, when they wanted nothing but blood, toil, tears and sacrifice. Back then, nobody wanted “happy vacation time” anyway. Jeez.

Wanting war is one thing. Seeing it as necessary is another. People who can’t tell the difference — well, they belong on the editorial page of The New York Times, apparently.

UPDATE: Reader Robert Crawford sends this quote from The Lord of the Rings, which he hopes Peter Jackson has left in the movie:

“It takes but one to make a war, not two, and those who do not have swords may still die upon them.” — Eowyn

Yes, I’ve quoted that one before. Apt, isn’t it?

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