October 15, 2019

HEH: LeBron James to open camp for people to get educated on China. Love the illustration.

Related: Oppressed Chinese Citizens Apologize To NBA Players For Disrupting Their Difficult Week. “Oppressed Chinese citizens admitted that their constant fear of being punished by their corrupt Communist government is nothing compared with the concerns of tweeting a couple things that might get some backlash, or losing a percentage of your profits because you spoke up against totalitarianism. From protesters in the semi-autonomous Hong Kong to the underground church in China, Chinese people from all walks of life offered their deepest apologies for being insensitive to the struggles of being a rich basketball player.”

Also: Activision Blizzard, reeling from harsh reactions after it punished a tournament player for backing Hong Kong’s anti-Beijing protesters, canceled a New York launch event for an edition of its Overwatch game.

Flashback: LeBron 2018: I must continue to use my platform to speak out about injustice. “In which America’s most celebrated athlete, last heard whining about how inconvenienced he was by last week’s Hong Kong kerfuffle, reflects on the moral duty he feels to denounce injustices committed against those whose voices can’t be heard. Daryl Morey couldn’t agree more, I’m sure. . . . He’s been bought. His domestic activism carries no risk of financial repercussions whereas activism that would irritate the Chinese government does.”

I doubt he’ll live this down.

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