October 6, 2019

ROGER SIMON: The Pre-Impeachment of Donald Trump Never Stopped.

We all know why impeachment is really happening – and when I say all, I include especially the Democrats and their devoted media allies/leaders. They know because they live in fear of what they wrought and desperately want to hide it or bury it (under impeachment) before it is laid out before the public.

I refer, of course, to the imminent exposure–at least we hope it is coming–of the predicates of the Russia Probe, easily the most despicable and seditious attempt to unseat a president in American history. This attempt to impeach or, at that point, to interdict began on or not long after June 16, 2015, the day Donald Trump announced his candidacy.

What is happening now is merely a continuation of a process that started then. Trump was the first president to be “impeached” before he was elected–a neat trick if there ever was one. In a manner of speaking, the group or groups behind the Russia Probe wanted to pre-impeach him. And they never gave up, not even for a minute, even after the Mueller collusion investigation came up empty after two years and multiple millions spent.

Such outrageous behavior makes one wonder how much more outrageous is the behavior it’s meant to cover for.

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