September 22, 2002

HESIOD THEOGENY is admirably forthright about his views on the war — and I actually share his fears about the dangers of empire, as I’ve mentioned here from time to time. I wish that, say, Tom Daschle would be as straightforward as Hesiod.

Unless, of course, Hesiod really is Tom Daschle, blogging so as to get things off his chest that he doesn’t feel he can say in public. With these pseudonymous bloggers, you never know. . . .

Seriously, though, it’s a good post. And I think a lot of so-called warbloggers share his concerns. You don’t go to war because it’s inherently desirable. You go to war because you see no other reasonable alternatives. Reasonable people can agree on exactly when that becomes the case. I wish that it weren’t the case now, though I think it is. If something could magically sweep away our problems without a war, I’d be very happy. I don’t think it’s going to happen though.

UPDATE: Justin Katz thinks I’m being too generous to Hesiod. So do a lot of people who have emailed me.

Well, I think the Bush-bashing is pretty over-the-top (FDR was rather disingenuous about leading us into war, too, but that’s considered sign of his craftiness in looking after the national interest, not of moral turpitude). But Hesiod was, I think, honest about his motivations and clear about his positions, and made clear that his reluctance to invade Iraq was based on affection for America and American principles, not on hostility thereto. That puts him head and shoulders above most of the anti-war critics. And most of the anti-war Democrats in Congress.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Boy, they’re slamming me in the comments over at Bill Quick’s page. That’s okay, guys — I can take it!

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