September 13, 2019

BLINK: China to exempt U.S. pork, soybeans from additional tariffs. They can’t afford to let pork prices rise any more for domestic political reasons.

UPDATE: From the comments:

This is a huge strategic win for Trump and I’m surprised it’s not getting more attention (considering our media, maybe I shouldn’t be).

This administration is slowly choking out our biggest geopolitical foe since the USSR, and it’s doing it without firing a shot. His weapons are soy, wheat, pigs, and most importantly, dollars. China, the nation that our intellectual elites have been telling us for years will overtake lazy, stupid America, is getting absolutely wrecked and it’s happening so fast that their heads are spinning.

It’s beautiful.


The amazing thing here is that the pig blight problem in China was heavily due to sourcing por[k] alternatives from Russia without adequate safeguards against pathogens. They were in such a rush to stick it to the USA that they overlooked basic local safety.

This is the country that is supposed to be our most potent strategic threat today?

Well, most of China’s ascendancy was done with the — quite possibly corrupt — cooperation of the U.S. leadership. They were apparently unprepared to deal with Trump.

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