ARTHUR CHRENKOFF THANKS THE LEFT: How I learned to stop worrying about Brexit and love Trump.

I still can’t describe myself as a Trump fan (too much about his personality, temperament and policies jars with me) or a do-or-die Brexiter – as a Polish-Australian dual citizen, my interest in American and British politics is academic rather than deeply personal – but to the extent that I now see myself as pro-Trump (or not anti-Trump) and pro-Brexit (or not anti-Brexit) is largely thanks to the good work done over the past few years by the left in pushing an agnostic like me in the direction of religion.

So, thank you, dear left, for your utter disdain for democratic process and for your absolutely batshit crazy, foaming-at-the-mouth, hysterical and hyperbolic consistent daily (over)reaction to Trump and Leave. You just don’t know when to stop, do you?

To say that the left are bad losers is a major understatement.