TO BE FAIR, TRUTH HAS NEVER BEEN A BIG THING WITH THEM: Mamet Speaks Bitter Truth In New Play, And Leftist Critics Aren’t Happy About It. “What Mamet has accomplished with this play — ostensibly a theatrical treatment of the birth of the #MeToo movement — is to present the liberal elite mindset for what it is: self-centred virtue signalling coupled with a complete abdication of personal responsibility. Offended critics will protest that sexual abuse is too serious and sacred an issue for such a comic treatment, that the politically incorrect dialogue is unacceptable in our safe space society, that the play is unfair to the female perspective, and they’ll even accuse it of being a veiled defence of Harvey Weinstein (which is utter nonsense). The truth is that Mamet’s exposure of the liberal-left doctrine as morally contradictory at its core has hit a nerve.”