September 5, 2002

CHRISTOPHER JOHNSON is unimpressed with British bishops who think “evil” is synonymous with “possibly in violation of the U.N. charter.”

I’ve never cared much what bishops have to say about, well, anything. This isn’t encouraging me to change my mind. Though I guess the whole covering-up-for-pederasty thing is still worse.

UPDATE: Hey, and my reaction’s mild compared to Fred Pruitt, who’s ready to convert: “If I were to become religious, I’d probably become a Zoroastrian. They believe in good and evil, light and dark. Christians — especially those of the Archbishops’ stripe — don’t believe in that anymore. Protestantism arose when Luther got cheezed at the Church for selling indulgences; these suckers give them away for free, without even being asked.”

Well, his page is called “Rantburg” for a reason. . . .

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