August 6, 2019

WHAT ELSE IS HE GOING TO DO?  Beto exploits tragedy for sake of politics.

And for every leftist who is saying the murderer was somehow on the right.

REALLY?  Really, really, really? Are you guys out of your ever loving minds?

Crusius espoused an anti-capitalist, anti-people radical green ideology. He rails against farming, oil drilling, plastic, paper towels and “consumer culture.” He sounds like Jay Inslee:

“My whole life, I have been preparing for a future that currently doesn’t exist.”

He justifies murder as “the logical step … to decrease the number of people in America using resources.”

So, since we’re playing the blame game, how about all those climate alarmist Democrats on the debate stage last week warning of a looming environmental Armageddon any chance they get.

The truly weird thing is that he’s not running for the Democrat nomination.
(And btw, calling for keeping “battle field weapons” out of the people’s hands is just stupid. This leads on a slippery slope to where they’ll be confiscating sharp screw drivers, as they do in Germany, because murders and mass murders still happen. It’s a peculiar form of authoritarian blindness to refuse to note that criminals don’t follow laws. All you’re doing is disarming the law abiding.)

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