July 30, 2019

HE PLAYS ON THEIR EMOTIONALISM AND LACK OF DISCIPLINE: Jon Gabriel: Dems, Media Keep Handing the Narrative to Trump.

There’s much to criticize about anyone, let alone a president, constantly flinging personal insults. It’s uncivil, tacky, and just not done. But, damn, if it isn’t politically effective.

What else has the political world talked about in the past week? Mueller and impeachment got 24 hours. Anyone discussing Kamala Harris? No. In fact, she’s lost her poll bump from the last debate. How about Biden? Haven’t seen him. Warren, Buttigieg, Beto? Nada.

If you’re a masochist and follow these candidates’ social media accounts, they’re trying to get attention. Oh, how they’re trying. Tulsi Gabbard just posted her Lion King workout video. But the only politician going viral lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

What’s odd is that the Democrats and the media are helping Trump to control the news cycle. If Trump’s a rageaholic, the Beltway left are his enablers.

In the middle of an ugly Pelosi vs. Squad grudge match, the Donald praised the former and insulted the latter. DC Republicans wondered why he would step into a red-on-red battle. But establishment Democrats immediately tied themselves to their socialist wing, with Pelosi going so far as to sanction a GOP get-of-the-vote photo for the ages. Their feud might be papered over today but it boils just beneath that rictus grin.

Then, Trump mocks Baltimore, which everyone knows has been a tragic mess for years. All of a sudden, Dems and journalists insist Charm City is an urban paradise rather than the setting for “The Wire.”

By Monday, the political-industrial complex was praising the nobility of antisemitic grifter Al Sharpton. After all, if Trump doesn’t like someone or something, they must be beyond reproach.

Quick question: Do they know an election is coming up?

Read the whole thing. But I don’t think this suggests that Trump is a “rageaholic,” but rather that he knows how to capitalize on the rage of others.

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