July 23, 2019

HONG KONG: Hong Kong police arrest six men over Yuen Long rampage by weapon-wielding mob, after unprecedented night of violence following extradition protests.

Six men were arrested on Monday night as Hong Kong police began hunting down the mob responsible for an unprecedented rampage at a train station in the northern town of Yuen Long that left 45 people injured the night before.

Sources told the Post more than 100 men in white T-shirts were involved in Sunday night’s bloody violence, including members of the notorious 14K and Wo Shing Wo triad gangs. The city’s embattled police force came under heavy fire for turning up too late to stop the shocking attacks on anti-government protesters, journalists and passers-by at the station, as well as terrified passengers on trains.

The six men – arrested for unlawful assembly – were aged 24-54. Some of them had triad backgrounds, while others were drivers, hawkers, renovation workers or unemployed.

The triads are an open secret, not a real secret. They can be held accountable if there’s the will. But they’re operating at the behest of the PRC government, which they expect will protect them.

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