HOMELAND SECURITY: Van Harp, who’s in charge of the FBI’s anthrax investigation, was recommended for discipline for misconduct relating to the Ruby Ridge incident:

The department’s Office of Professional Responsibility, in a confidential report, concluded in 1999 that Harp “committed misconduct” by helping make an incomplete report that protected “some subjects of the investigation,” according to Saturday’s Washington Post.

In January 2001, an assistant attorney general overruled an Office of Professional Responsibility recommendation that Harp – by then the agent in charge of the Cleveland office – be censured or suspended. His clean record intact, Harp in July 2001 was transferred to Washington, where as the agent in charge of the Washington field office he is overseeing the FBI’s anthrax investigation.

Yeah, this boosts my confidence. Kinda the way this does.

UPDATE: This looks pretty lame, too.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Hesiod Theogeny emails:

Given all the revelations about how the FBI royally screwed up prior to 9/11, including its ignoring of Congressional and Justice Department mandates to

upgrade its computer systems, I think it’s time to create an “indict Louis Freeh” bumper sticker campaign.

Or, at the very least, it’s time to drag his pathetic carcass in front of a Congressional investigating committee for a high-profile barbecue.

How this guy gets away with so little criticism is beyond me.

Well, he may not have been good at his job, but he was very good at the politics of his job.