THIS “GLOBAL POLL” on the environment seems pretty lame to me. Not only is it slanted, but there’s no security, meaning that people can vote repeatedly and falsify their origins.

UPDATE: A reader writes:

Did you notice that the question near the end, asking the poll-taker’s religion, listed in order:





And most significantly, what is missing? Jewish.

And it’s affiliated with the UN crowd. Go figure.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Several readers write with comments echoing this one:

I agree that the poll is pretty lame — several of the questions asked you to make choices that were each too extreme.

However, your comment on the religion question is misleading. The fifth choice is “other”. Given the small percentage of the global population that is Jewish, I don’t believe that this is an unusual option. Otherwise, why not include Sikhs, which I believe has almost twice as many adherents as Judaism.

Actually the largest group that is left out are those who are secular or have no particular religious affiliation. I wonder what that means?

Fair enough.