SELF-FISKING: ROBERT FISK WRITES that it’s not his job to provide evidence in war-crimes trials.

Yeah, he’s kept too busy making unfounded accusations. He’s got the part about journalism being a “masquerade” right, though.

UPDATE: Okay, one more thought. Isn’t it odd that national sovereignty, and a whole raft of individual protections under international (and American constitutional) law can go by the wayside in the effort to prosecute war crimes, but that anything that might make a reporter’s life more difficult is obviously beyond the pale?

Okay, it’s not really odd that a reporter would think that. What’s odd is that anyone else would take it seriously. Then again, it’s not at all clear that anyone else does.

ANOTHER UPDATE: A reader suggests that Fisk may be unwilling to face pejury charges:

Isn’t it rather obvious why Fisk refuses to provide his “evidence” in war-crimes trials? Standards of truth and accuracy are much higher in a courtroom than in a newsroom. Fisk can exaggerate and outright lie about American and Israeli “war crimes” in print; but put him under oath where his statements can be challenged and they’ll crumble like month old soda crackers.


UPDATE: Oh, read this, too.