July 10, 2019

CHARLIE MARTIN: What Are You Willing to Give Up to Be #NeverTrump?

Honestly, the last election seemed to me to be a crooked Arkansas Democrat against an FDR Democrat, and as a Republican-leaning libertarian, I didn’t see that as much of a choice. I also thought that Trump’s wildly-public persona and history of being a Lothario, a cad, a boor, and probably a bounder (whatever that is) would make him easy pickings for the Democrat operatives in the media.

Shows what I know. I didn’t factor in the fact that Hillary managed to be even more incompetent than she was unlikeable, and Trump turned out to be a pro-defense, tax-cutting JFK Democrat — the next best thing to a Republican anyway, compared to the rest of the Democrat party — and better yet, one willing to dance with the ones who brung him on judges.

Of course, for the last three years, we’ve seen that the clerisy — the credentialed, Ivy-Leagued, well-connected, self-important, Acela-corridor power-brokers of either party — weren’t willing to accede to the wishes of the voters without a fight.


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