THE NEW YORK CITY COUNCIL, ACCORDING TO THIS REPORT, wants the Palestinian Authority booted from the UN, where it has semi-official status:

The New York City Council overwhelmingly approved a resolution last week to ask the Bush administration and the UN to close the Palestinian mission to the United Nations in Manhattan. During discussions concerning the resolution prior to the vote, Council members made it clear that they considered the Palestinian Authority a terrorist entity. A large group of Council members had just returned from a three-day fact finding mission to Israel sponsored by the Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC) and the UJA. During the trip, they saw first hand the effects of terror on the Israeli people.

The resolution condemns all murderous acts against civilians, recognizing that the Israeli people have been attacked over 13,000 times in the last two years, with one of the latest atrocities occuring at Hebrew University in Jerusalem where victms included five American citizens.

It also calls on President Bush to “condemn the Palestinian Authority support of terrorists and harboring of terrorists.” It calls upon the president and the United Nations “to work together to seek the closure of the United Nations Mission of the PA in the City of New York.”

It’s nice that somebody’s figured it out.