IS IT SOMETHING IN THE WATER? An alert reader emails this link to a Washington Post story that mentions that Bob Barr’s opponent John Linder has a bogus-endorsement problem, too. (Scroll past the McKinney news). To the limited extent that I care about that race, I (like so many) prefer Linder, who I understand has video of Barr staffers stealing his signs. This isn’t sleaze of the same caliber as Cynthia McKinney’s voter-intimidation campaign, but it’s nothing to be proud of.

Politics ain’t a clean business anywhere, but these Georgia primary races seem to be bringing out the worst in people.

UPDATE: Here’s more on the voter-intimidation story.

ANOTHER UPDATE: HERE is a link to the results. At the moment, McKinney and Barr are both way behind, but only a few precincts have reported in in McKinney’s district – though, oddly, most of Barr’s have.