MUGABE UPDATE: Cynthia Tucker is pulling no punches in this column on Mugabe:

Mugabe’s supporters are right about this much: He has earned a place in history — right alongside Stalin and North Korea’s Kim Jong-il, megalomaniacs who condemned millions of their own countrymen to starvation. As half of Zimbabwe’s population of 12 million hovers near famine, Mugabe has ordered the nation’s white farmers, who are responsible for most of its food supply, to stop planting and surrender their farms for redistribution. . . .

If a racist white dictator were creating conditions that starved millions of black Africans, the Congressional Black Caucus would have demanded severe sanctions, and a long line of African-American celebrities would be lining up to picket the nation’s embassy, taking turns getting arrested and handcuffed for the TV cameras. But Mugabe’s thuggery has barely roused America’s black elite.

The white elite hasn’t distinguished itself on this one either. But bravo to Cynthia Tucker for a great column.

(Via Cella’s Review).

UPDATE: Brian Carnell writes that, while Cynthia Tucker may be right on here, Cynthia McKinney is Mugabe’s number one fan. With luck, that won’t matter soon.