MUGABE USING “POL POT TACTICS:” Here’s the gist from The Times:

“The food trucks arrive in the villages once a week,” the man explains. “Everyone has to stand up and shout ‘Long Live Robert Mugabe!’, ‘Down with the whites!’ and ‘Down with Morgan Tsvangirai!’,” (the opposition leader). “Only those who can prove they are members of the Zanu (PF) can queue. They say to the others ‘go and get your food from Tony Blair in No 10 Downing Street in London!’ But we don’t know where London is.” As everyone in the hotel room nods in agreement, a woman, a former shop assistant whose husband died of Aids, begins to cry.

“My seven children are starving. I heard that food was being delivered in a village 40 kilometres away,” she says. “When I arrived, they said I could not have any because I supported the whites and the opposition party during the election. I dare not go home and face my children. I wish I could die.”

Noam Chomsky was quick to denounce the United States for the imaginary starvation of millions. He doesn’t seem nearly as loud where someone is actually starving people on purpose does he? Why could that be?

Oh, yeah: Mugabe isn’t an American, or allied with America, and hence is incapable of evil. Sorry, I forgot there for a moment.

UPDATE: Norwegian blogger Vegard Valberg is irate about this, and calls on South African President Thabo Mbeki to do something.

I got a nasty email from someone in South Africa a week or two ago, sarcastically asking why the United States isn’t bombing Zimbabwe. My response was that we’re a bit busy right now, and that if South Africa decided to get rid of Mugabe he’d be gone in a week.