SOME CANADIAN GUY is denouncing America again, with the usual form letter: blah blah oil, blah blah militarism, blah blah Enron, blah blah guns.

Here’s the part he gets right: “Does this bother you? Not in the least.”

UPDATE: James Lileks suggests that this is a brilliant government plan to discredit the opposition to the war — made more brilliant by the fact that it contains nothing with which the opposition disagrees! Lileks resurrects the term “idiotarian” here, and though I think that term’s moment has passed, I’ll grant that this specimen is unusually worthy.

ANOTHER UPDATE: For some reason, the Lileks link above isn’t working. (One reader said that’s okay, because Lileks has the world’s coolest 404 page. I wish I were as cool as James Lileks.) Anyway, here’s the main link; just scroll.

STILL ANOTHER UPDATE: Canadian reader Alan Cameron is buying Lileks’ theory:

I’m from Canada and yet haven’t had the good luck to meet Mr. McDougall. Seriously, don’t you wish you could meet him? He’s fascinating. So very stupid, so ill-informed, so vile, so hate-filled. Truly an uncommonly high concentration of all these characteristics to be found in just one fool. There isn’t a conspiracy theory he doesn’t believe. Where, or in what, does he live? How does he get by on the pittance that is welfare subsistence? Can he tie his own shoes? Where does he vacation? What colour was the sky in his kindergarten drawings? I would love to learn more about the man. Thanks for this one.

Lileks’ theory is great, and it seems the most plausible explanation for the letter.

Yes, the disinformation theory would explain a lot about the antiwar movement. And I keep trying to remind myself that just because yahoos like this guy oppose the war does not, by itself, make it a good idea. It just seems that way.