HERE’S A NASTY LITTLE BIT OF HATE from Juan Andrade in the Chicago Sun-Times. Mr. Andrade is not only hateful — he’s ignorant. Here’s what he says about Charlton Heston:

In his taped remarks, Heston compared himself and his own resolve to John F. Kennedy, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Ronald Reagan: three of the most revered names in America. He has nothing in common with any of them, save for Reagan, with Alzheimer’s.

No, nothing in common at all — except that Heston marched with King. (Here is a photo of Heston with Sidney Poitier and Harry Belafonte during the 1963 March on Washington).

As the antigun folks get more desperate, they get nastier. And this is pretty nasty. (Thanks, I guess, to reader Zachary Barbera for pointing it out).

UPDATE: Eugene Volokh has a much lengthier post on this piece, which he characterizes as “blind hatred.”

And just to make Mr. Andrade’s day, I’ll link to the Charlton Heston Online Shrine and to Heston’s speech at Harvard Law School on culture wars. I usually don’t like the “war” metaphor there, but Mr. Andrade’s piece certainly sounds like something coming from the bunker, doesn’t it?

UPDATE: Some people have been sending polite letters to the U.S. Hispanic Leadership Institute, with which Andrade is affiliated, suggesting that this piece reflects badly on the Institute.