I POSTED ON THE DC FORCED-ABORTION STORY almost a year ago, but the drama continues to unfold.

I’m pro-choice, which means that, you know, I think it should be, well, a choice. A lot of people in DC say that the District is essentially a colony. Well, if so I think it’s a colony that’s not ready for self-government. It certainly wasn’t when I lived there, and there’s no sign that it’s gotten better.

UPDATE: Think I’m exaggerating? One post above my year-old post on the abortion issue is this one about a man who was kept in a DC jail for two years without any charges, while jailers ignored his protests and notes. I wonder if there are any new developments on that case.

Even more pathetically, the apparatchiks who run the District’s government call their critics racist, even as they demonstrate their continuing contempt for the many black people who live there.