NORM MINETA IMPEACHMENT UPDATE: Gary Leff has made up bumperstickers calling for Mineta’s impeachment, with the slogan, “IMPEACH NORM MINETA: Liberty & Security . . . Not Bureaucracy!” You can see one, and buy one, via Leff’s popular air-travel blog.

UPDATE: History will record that, although Norm Mineta has been unpopular in the Blogosphere for a long time, it was the Laura Crane breast-touching incident that was the final straw leading to open calls for his impeachment. . . .

ANOTHER UPDATE: U.S. Airways has filed for bankruptcy, and reader Adam Roberts blames Mineta for endorsing security policies that are chasing away passengers:

As you may know, the airline industry’s one that’s traditionally operated on very low profit margins. Generally just a few percent. Thus a 5% or 10% drop in air travel (and thus air travel revenues) can have a much larger effect on a company’s bottom line. And it’s no secret that the needless hassles instituted by the TSA have compelled many would-be fliers to look for alternate modes of transportation, especially those living within a day’s travel for their intended destination. Perhaps the investment losses of US Airways shareholders have at least some of their roots in the policies of Underperformin’ Norman.

Yep. And who wouldn’t cancel trips whenever possible, given the hassles involved with security? And given that those hassles don’t do any good anyway?