BLOG WARS: My reduced-blogging regime means that I missed out on a bunch of cross-blog debate regarding the war. You can go here to Tres Producers, then scroll down (and down, and down) and follow the links to get an idea of what’s going on. Also IsntaPundit has a long post responding to one from Hesiod Theogeny (follow the link, then continue ad infinitum). And Nick Denton has a cautionary observation.

Regarding the William Van Alstyne excerpt below on the constitutionality of the war: Several people have asked where you can get a copy of the whole letter. I don’t know — he emailed it to me. I’ve responded to ask if he minds me putting the whole thing on the site, but I haven’t heard back yet. There’s nothing secret or anything — it’s public — but I don’t like to post whole letters between other people on the site without asking unless there’s some very strong reason. It just seems a bit pushy.