MERYL YOURISH SAYS IT’S ALL MY FAULT, as she rates the superheroes for, ahem, action-adventure appeal. True to my prediction, the Elongated Man does very, very well.

Maybe I should rate the female superheroes (superheroines?), but, really, it’s such a short list, with only one answer: Supergirl, as played by Helen Slater. ‘Nuff said. (Though it may raise issues akin to these. Ouch.)

Wonder Woman? She doesn’t like men, does she? She might be a good pick for, say, Norah Vincent, (though somehow I don’t see them as a couple), but I figure anyone who yells “Sufferin’ Sappho” doesn’t belong on my list. Besides, I used to see Lynda Carter all the time at the late, lamented “21 Federal” in Washington, back when I was a rich lawyer who went to places like that. She was more of a babe without the costume, which surely cuts against it.

Now Saturn Girl was kinda hot. Hot enough that I don’t really remember her super power. Telepathy? Precognition? Something like that. (UPDATE: It’s telepathy and mind control. I love Google! Oh, and Umbra, who I don’t remember at all even under the old name of “Shadow Lass,” isn’t bad, either).