MAJOR BONER AT WESTWORD: And I’m not talking about Dan Savage’s plug for the “tighty-whities” contest. Westword has a lengthy article on Neo-Nazis and a group (“Anti-Racist Action,” or ARA) that tries to disrupt them. While (as regular readers of InstaPundit know) I have an Indiana Jones attitude toward Nazis (“Nazis; I hate those guys”) the ARA isn’t as admirable as the article makes it sound. It’s an anarchist group that until recently sold bumperstickers reading “I [image of gun] COPS.”

Furthermore, the article says:

Whenever Nazi skinheads try to gather in this country, Anti-Racist Action protesters try to stop them, often with the assistance of national hate-group monitoring organizations such as the Anti-Defamation League, which share intelligence with local ARA chapters in cities where white-power events are scheduled.

I know someone at the ADL who says this is false, and that ADL does not cooperate with the ARA. In fact he expresses considerable distaste for the group.