OKAY, THIS IS TOO BIZARRE: Over on Romenesko’s letters page, Eric Boehlert of Salon writes:

Arab News nailed what has become the Wall Street Journal’s bizarre daily log, “Best of the Web.”

Okay. Follow the link and you’ll read this:

What Sharon is doing on the ground, Taranto is doing in cyberspace.

They are a kind of twin evil. Sharon orders the crushing of civilians in their houses in Jenin in response to Palestinian suicide attacks. Taranto later provides a link to an Amnesty International report criticizing Palestinian suicide bombers.

Got that? Bulldozing houses is the same as posting links to Amnesty International reports!

Also — as Josh Trevino points out — the author of the Arab News piece claims to have authored a book that doesn’t exist.

This is Salon’s idea of “nailing” someone? That explains a lot, actually.

UPDATE: I wonder if Salon shares the Arab News’ view of the peace process?