JOEL KOTKIN: America needs more sex, not more immigrants.

With a historically low unemployment rate, America is running low on workers in everything from high-tech to construction, manufacturing and services as Donald Trump’s stronger immigration policies help raise wages for existing US workers, from the lowest paid to well-paid construction workers, for the first time in decades.

President Trump’s much criticized claim that America is “full” may have been taken out of context, since it referred to the immigration system, but it has also ignited interest in demographics. More immigration, and even higher salaries won’t solve our impending demographic crisis, and there are already many more jobs here than workers to fill them, and that gap is growing. There are over six million open positions, more than five times the annual supply of migrants, documented or otherwise. This could be addressed in part by opening the border—something only one in five Americans favor, although such calls have become popular on the political left, including over a third of all Democrats—or, more workably, by making immigration policy more responsive to our labor needs.

The most direct path to a potent economy doesn’t run through the border, however, but into the bedroom, with critical steps, particularly on housing, that could lift sagging domestic birthrates.

America expects every man, and woman, to do their duty.