THIS ISN’T A CRIME, AND IT’S PROTECTED BY THE FIRST AMENDMENT: Perrysburg High School student arrested for Twitter account designed to degrade females.

An arrest has been made after a Twitter account that degraded Perrysburg High School girls was investigated by the Perrysburg Police Department.

18-year-old Mehros Nassersharifi was charged with telecommunications harassment by the PPD.

The account, @GirlsRanked, has had most of its posts deleted, but its design was list the “hottest girls” at Perrysburg.

The district says it’s glad more than 100 students reported the account and the student could face expulsion.

Nassersharifi has been issued a summons to appear in court.

Ranking women isn’t a crime, and judging by his name it appears there may be anti-immigrant sentiment involved, too. I wonder if the ACLU of Ohio will help him.