MOUSSAOUI’S SAUDI FORMER ROOMMATE has pled guilty to charges of lying about his association with Moussaoui:

Al-Attas, born in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, to Yemeni parents, was Moussaoui’s friend and, briefly, his roommate in Norman, where Moussaoui had come to enroll at the nearby Airman Flight School.

Al-Attas, told U.S. District Judge Michael Mukasey that he lied to investigators in Minnesota on Aug. 18 and in Oklahoma on Sept. 11, especially about Moussaoui, whom he knew by an alias, Shaqil.

“When the agents asked if I (also) knew his real name, I lied and said I did not,” he said.

Al-Attas admitted he also lied about their plans to go to New York City in late August, 2001; knowledge of Moussaoui’s desire to participate in jihad; a planned trip to Pakistan to speak to religious scholars and “others who believe that our religion favors participation in jihad.”

He said he also tried to prevent law enforcement authorities from learning about some of Moussaoui’s classmates at an Oklahoma flight school.

Interesting. I wonder what he’s telling investigators now.