STEVE EARLE, YOU IDIOT: Porphyrogenitus writes:

If Anyone Still Thinks that no one on the Left identifies with every enemy of America, they ought to check out this story on singer-songwriter Steve Earle, and his new ode to Johnny bin Walker, Osama, and the Taliban, glorifying them as Christ-like figures.

It gets worse, as you’ll see if you follow the link and read the quotes from Earle. Earle’s a great musician and a great producer (listen to his work with Ray Kennedy on the V-Roy’s albums Just Add Ice and All About Town). But he’s basically a failure as a human being, with serious drug, booze and money problems. This looks to me like a pathetic bid for attention.

But, on the upside, all those Islamofascists probably hate being portrayed as “Christ-like.”

UPDATE: Hey, maybe Webb Wilder will write a song in response.