TIPS FOR BLOGGERS: If you’re using Blogger, the old Archive Bug Fix apparently doesn’t work. This new one does, according to Bobby Allison-Gallimore of BaggySlims.Com. Bobby writes:

I don’t know if you want to share this with your readers or not, since a lot of them (and those you link to) use Blogger via Blogspot, but it might help. I’ve found that in order for the direct post links to work these days, I have to republish the current month’s (or week’s) archives (under the archive section) each time I add a new post or series of posts to my weblog. Once I’ve republished the current month’s archive, the links seem to work just fine. So for instance, if I add a new post tonight, then I need to republish my July archive in order for the permanent post link to work.

Ugh. Well, there you are.