I FEEL LIKE BOEING HAS MAYBE GOTTEN SLACK: U.S. Air Force again halts delivery of Boeing aerial tankers.

For the second time in one month, the United States halted delivery of Boeing’s new refuelling air tankers due to “foreign object debris” found in closed compartments of the aircraft, the department’s secretary said. . . .

Later in the day before the House Appropriations Defense subcommittee, Wilson elaborated that the issue was caused by a lack of “manufacturing discipline” on the assembly line.

“If you drop a wrench you have to find a wrench,” she said. “You have to wipe down surfaces so you don’t have pieces of aluminium that over time get in the midst of things and cause serious problems,” Bloomberg reported.

The March 23 halt comes a little over a month since the Air Force first halted deliveries of the aircraft also due to foreign object debris.

Very disturbing, especially in combination with the 737 Max 8 problems. Boeing’s board needs to tell management to get on top of this or be replaced.