ANIMAL RIGHTS TERRORISM IN SEATTLE caused hundreds of people to be evacuated from a building. The “weapon” in question was a military smoke grenade. So is this really “terrorism?” Well, of the nuisance variety, anyway. It was calculated to inspire terror — and at a time when people are fearing terrorists’ use of chemical or biological weapons, it worked. It’s on a par with fake-anthrax mailings, which certainly count as terrorism.

Not one of those borderline, could-be-or-not cases, like, you know, shooting up an airport.

UPDATE: Reader Worth Colliton writes:

According to the SeattleInsider, the animal rights group calling itself “Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty” targeted Marsh, Inc., a company which insures Huntingdon Life Sciences.

Marsh, Inc. is a subsidiary of MMC, Marsh & McLennan Companies, Inc., the largest insurance brokerage firm in the world. MMC corporate headquarters were located on floors 93-100 of Tower One in the World Trade Center, the floors which took a direct hit from the first plane on 9-11. MMC lost over 300 employees that day.

Nice folks. Brimming with compassion.