FOR THOSE WHO WONDER how I spend my time, for the last three hours or so I’ve been working on my next TechCentralStation column (space aliens are involved; I’m using the wireless laptop in the playroom, where I have a big comfy chair that’s ideal for this purpose) while my daughter plays Barbies. There was a brief interruption in Barbiedom while she played “Trouble” with her mom when she got back from the office, but the goings on in Barbiedom are apparently very absorbing though I’m a bit hazy on what exactly they are. Of course, I used to be just as absorbed playing with the green plastic soldiers that cost a buck for a whole bag — though that absorption was generally a lot louder and more destructive.

Every once in a while I flip screens and post one of these. In a little while I’ll fire up the grill (a spicy-teriyaki tuna for us, chicken for my daughter). Tonight, we may see the new “Hey, Arnold!” movie if it’s not too crowded.

I’m not sure why anyone should care about this, but somebody emailed me that it was a topic of conversation at the Blogosphere panel yesterday. So, since I couldn’t answer in person, here you are.