HERE’S A REPORT on the Blogosphere panel that I missed. I like the term “airplane trouble,” which suggests that it was my personal Lear that was misbehaving. But, uh, you guys are going to have to hit the tipjar a lot harder before that comes true.

It sucked not being able to make it.

UPDATE: ARNOLD KLING has a report too. It was not, however, “lack of an honorarium” that kept me away — except that I had an $800 plane ticket (NOT paid for by the panel sponsors) that would have been wasted if I hadn’t made it in time, as seemed extremely likely.

Though I suppose the “you need an honorarium to get Glenn to speak” meme is one I should try to encourage. Make that “you need a really big honorarium. . . .” In the meantime, picking up the tab on the plane ticket would help, I guess. But, really, the thought that I would probably be stuck in Charlotte while the panel went on without me anyway was the deal-killer. I guess I could have tried flying up the night before — but that didn’t work for Lileks, or for the woman standing behind me in line, who had been stuck overnight.

UPDATE: Here’s another report, and a pretty good one.

And here’s another one, with pictures.