June 26, 2002

MORE ON THE PLEDGE: Volokh — who unlike me isn’t suffering from RSI, as his post-length indicates — has a typically detailed and thorough analysis. And the Rev. Tony Pierce has an also long and detailed analysis that’s, er, rather different: “at least now bloggers can write about something other than calling newspaper columnists asswipes for dissing blogging.” There’s a lot more, though, calling upon Tony’s, um, expertise, as an ordained Christian minister.

UPDATE: Juan Gato weighs in, too. So does Charles Murtaugh. And Megan McArdle, too.

Oh, and Dahlia Lithwick thinks the Ninth Circuit panel was rather slippery, and will be reversed. Meanwhile Spoons says it was right.

Pejman has a post, too. So does Dan Perkins. But several readers want to know “what would Hank say?” Which, by the way, is also a song.

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